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Property Management

Landlord – Our Service Promise

We have great relationships with qualified, licensed contractors ensuring we are able to provide quality service at competitive prices.

Routine inspections
We carry out regular routine inspections at all of our rental properties to check that the property is being kept in reasonable condition. You will receive a report with accompanying photos of the property.

Rent reviews and lease renewals
At the renewal of each tenancy, we compare your property with the current rental market. We evaluate if the market has changed since the commencement of the tenancy, if any additions have been made and if the property would benefit from a rent increase. We will seek your instructions and confirmation on recommendations prior to issuing the lease renewal.

Rent arrears
Rental payments are monitored daily. Prompt action is taken to ensure rent is paid when due. Tenants will receive SMS reminders, phone calls and emails to communicate. We aim to keep communication open between all parties to ensure that any discrepancies which occur can be dealt with in a timely and effective manner.

Payment of accounts
Our aim is to manage your property with minimal effort on your part. We are able to pay all invoices for you from your rental funds. All invoice payments will show on your regular and financial year statements. We are able to pay any maintenance invoices, as well as regular accounts such as your rates, urban utilities and body corp levies.

Immediate rental disbursements
The software program we use ensures that you receive your rental funds immediately. The day the tenants pay rent, is the same day that we disburse the funds to you.
No longer do you have to wait for once or twice monthly payments. The choice, however is completely yours. We can arrange the disbursements at your request.

Online portal
Our fantastic program also allows us the added benefit of an online portal. You are able to log on at any time, day or night and see all the details for your rental property. Where the rent is paid to, any previous statements, lease agreements and reports. It is all there at your fingertips.

Financial year statements
At the end of the financial year, you will receive a statement with a summary of all expenses throughout the financial year. This is in addition to your regular statements.

Locating and securing a tenant
Our marketing aims at exposing your property to the widest audience. During the letting process we take care of all aspects from the open inspections, application processing including reference checks, entry condition report including photos and tenancy documents which include the general tenancy agreement and bond lodgement.

Vacating tenants
At the end of each tenancy we carry out an exit inspection of the property. Once the tenants return vacant possession, we attend to the property to compare it to the entry condition report. This inspection happens prior to the bond being refunded to the tenants. We will discuss our findings with you after this inspection.

Smoke Alarm Legislation
As of 1st July 2007, changes were applied to the Queensland Fire and Rescue Service Act 1990, stating that every smoke alarm in a Queensland rental property requires ongoing maintenance. Under this legislation, Landlords or agents must test and clean each smoke alarm within 30 days prior to each tenancy change or renewal. Not only this, but each smoke alarm and battery must be replaced before the expiry date. The legislation prohibits the transfer of these responsibilities to the tenant

Pool compliance
If your property has a pool, we are able to arrange the pool safety inspection and renewal for the compliance certificate. Should any repairs be required to make the property compliant, we are able to arrange this for you with our qualified contractors.

Unit complex compliance is arranged through the body corporate. We are able to communicate directly with the body corporate to ensure we have an update to date certificate at all times.